We develop and manufacture a wide range of conversion kits and adaptor plates for classic cars.

Our conversion kits replace the car's original gearbox with a 5 speed unit including a bellhousing that matches the original.

Gearbox Conversion Installation

We recommend a qualified automotive technician should install this product.


  • Gearboxes are Ex Japan - 2-month return warranty, and are supplied complete with gearlever, slip yoke, rear rubber mount. No warranty on geartooth breakage.
  • Conversion Components can not be held responsible for consequential loss.
    A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.

Installation Instructions: A set of installation instructions will be included with your order.

Location and Identification of TOYOTA 5 SPEED GEARBOXES

W55 - W59 SERIES - "SUPRA"

  • From 1985 onwards
  • Fitted to 6 cylinder cars 2000cc up to 3000cc (single turbo).
  • Out of Celica, Supra, Cressida, Hilux 2WD and others,
  • (comes in floor shift and column shift).
  • No real markings on gearbox.
  • At front has 9 bolts, 2 dowels, 250mm high, 197mm wide.
  • Several gearlever positions. 455mm, 515mm, 530mm, from front face of gearbox.
  • (3 options on driveshaft yoke size)
  • 34 Kg dry weight.


  • Fitted to 3000cc Supras, single turbo and all twin turbo
  • From 1987 onwards.
  • No real markings on gearbox
  • At front has 9 bolts and 4 dowel positions, 265mm high, 226mm wide.
  • 45 kgs dry weight


  • All alloy, and split joint like a suitcase.
  • 7 bolts at front and bell housing acts as front cover seal
  • Input bearing varies ø62 (nose cover - round) ø68 (nose cover - square)
  • (Conversion bell housing has to match the bearing size)
  • Output spline varies depending on bearing size.
  • 2 gearlever positions, 390mm and 490mm
  • No real markings on gearbox
  • 27 kg dry weight

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